You've Never Seen It Slow Cook Like This

Today TKOR is taking hot dogs, cookie dough and eggs and filling several crock pot slow cookers to the very top with them. We will set the temperature to low …


  1. A full bowl of cereal milk and all in the slow cooker and a whole bag of cheese with sauce and pepperoni like pizza without the dough and maybe a bunch of oreos and milk like an "oreo cake" but slow cooked

  2. Dulce De Leche….

    Tin(s) of Sweetened Condensed Milk, cover with water, leave on low in slow cooker 10-12 hours later (don't leave for 16 hours though!) you have a totally gorgeous soft, toffee goo. Great on all sorts of things.

    Will take you photos next batch I make if you want.

    Keeps sealed in tin for few months. Open and resealed for two weeks. Mine has never lasted a week, normally eaten in couple of days!

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