Greatest Depression: Economic Epidemic Sweeps the World

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  1. Q: What's the difference between Zioni$t Occupied Government Amerika & Communist-run China? – A: Not very friggin' much, lately… (BY DECEPTION THEY SHALL MAKE WAR AGAINST US!…)

  2. “Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners.”― Edward Abbey

  3. If you want to work, then you will work for a corporation an adopt their twisted cultures. – "'Morn'n , hows it go'n?", "Fine.", "That's good." – for 40 years.

  4. We own a small business with only temporary employees because the California legislators DO NOT WANT AMERICANS TO HAVE THEIR OWN BUSINESSES. The California legislators have bullied us around since we first opened up our small business in the year 2003. We actually started our business in 2001 but fortunately we had a private accountant who warned us to get an “S Corporation” which will keep the “CHILD SUPPORT” enforcement agencies from stealing our money 💰 out of our business account. The child support enforcement agency “DID” however successfully block our contractors license AND my husband’s “drivers license” !!! After running our small business for twenty years, we decided to take it to the next level and open up a supply store for construction 🔨 tools. Unfortunately we were essentially told that we would need to pay a fee of $$$ 75,000 dollars 💵 up front to basically “PAY A POLITICIAN” extortion money 💰 in order to open up our small family owned business. Also we later began to get calls from our past employees who were reporting that “THE CONTRACTORS IN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY WERE KICKING OUT ALL OF THE AMERICAN WORKERS AND ONLY IMMIGRANTS WERE ALLOWED TO WORK IN CONSTRUCTION MARKET IN “SONOMA COUNTY CALIFORNIA”. We can only imagine how things would have turned out had “President Donald J Trump” not have been elected as The President of the USA 🇺🇸. Americans are currently suffering tremendously from chronic hunger, homelessness and joblessness. The offshore Vatican banks have been trying to overthrow the US/UK governments ( which is a duel world power ) for many years now. They will not succeed because prophecy is now being fulfilled and it states in the Bible book of revelations that no other country would overthrow the “beast with two horns” ( US/UK ). Once again we are living in an era very similar to the pre-flood days. Although the UN ARMY will occupy all of the world governments, the UN ARMY will be “invited”. Now is the time to do as Noah did and “TAKE NOTE” of these things.

  5. You're throwing around that math and I know you're pretty good with numbers so why is it like you don't understand what exponential growth means

    it starts with numbers so low you think it's a joke till it hits a certain point when you're talkin about something doubling every 3 days once it hits Millions it doesn't take long for those to turn into hundreds of Millions and it's scary how quickly that jumps to billions

    Let me put this in perspective if the number of victims doubles every 3 days it'll only take 3 days after 25% of the population has been infected for 50% of the population to be infected and three more days until 100% of the population has been infected that's right in a span of 6 days it goes from 25% of your population to 100% of your population

    And with this virus that 6 days will occur two weeks before any of them show symptoms

    also like you don't understand that the number of people who have died represent 1% of the number of people that have been infected in total the lack of testing and Shady reporting has made it so you get a closer approximation to the actual number of people infected if you multiply the death toll by 100 in case you're curious right now the death toll in the United States is at 37,000 that means that in the United States roughly 3.7 million people have been infected so far

    Keep in mind that this virus can be spread during the two weeks before 50% of infected people start showing symptoms the other 50% of people infected don't show symptoms and will continue to unknowingly spread the virus for another 2 weeks unless tested and quarantined infecting 4 people each on average

    Roughly 10% of people infected with this virus require hospitalization to survive do United States as a whole only has roughly 9 million hospital beds simple math shows that we need to do everything we can to slow down the number of people that will require hospitalization at one time to less than 3% of the nation at once or we won't have any medical infrastructure left for anyone else no heart attack victims no stroke victims no car accident victims just coronavirus patients at which point are death toll would Skyrocket

    And understand without taking steps to slow the virus three days after 3% is 6% then 12% then 24% then 48% then 96% that's only 17 days between 3% and 100% and that represents the largest loss of American Life in history

    ideally we need to do more than slow the spread we need to prevent its spread before it reaches the most vulnerable of us where there's the potential for a much greater death toll of 15%

  6. I've seen plenty of pictures lately of government executives and legislative leaders in the media. None wear masks. The only good news in this session is the fall of oil prices — little consolation.

  7. Gerald I have been listening to you for years Thank You for all the great TRUTH in lieu of all the garbage out there!!! The main street lies even a lot of alt news lies click bait, but you Gerald I can always rely on. Great addition of Greg Mannarino who I have been following for years!
    God Bless you and your family!!! Stay Strong in the Lord

  8. I know you know, but let us resumme all of this:

    1. From "herd immunity", to herds without immunity:

    and all about:

    2. About masks and "camouflage", we learned at school that these masks are dust and mechanical petty impurities, or some bacteria, fungi, particle of dust in the air. "Surgical masks"(here's what a surgeon says about them (​ I add that I am aware of how difficult it is for us to understand millions, billions, and large units and numbers, as small as micro and nano, etc., and the size of the virus is between 10-300 nm (or 1 nm = 0.000001 mm), so for example:

    "Corona virus Covid19" -> particle size 0.12 (0.06-9.14) microns or 120 nm (60-140)

    surgical mask (the one from the pharmacy) -> throughput or hole size 2 microns or 2000 nm

    N95 (loss) 0.3 microns or 300 nm

    FFP2 (the one with the valve) 0.3 microns or 300 nm ___________________________________________________________________

    let's summarize, that this has a meaning: if the virus were a person and the holes in the mask were to be a door, then think about how difficult it would be for a 1.2 meter person to go through a 20 meter door or in the other two cases through a door 3 meter high door. If, as 3. Dr. Kaufman states (and I am convinced of his knowledge), stress, blisters on the face and gloves and abrasion of excessive amounts of disinfectant, if inhaling stagnant air inside the mask, increase the formation of exosomes in the body, which due to this gives the impulse that the body is imbalanced, injured or stressed and naturally starts to defend itself, ie the immune system is mobilized. If Covid = exosom then we all have it or we will have it at some point when our defense system launches.

    4. Tests, these tests are qualitative (determine if there is at least one virus, bakery, etc.), but infection only exists if and when the number of bacteria, viruses, etc. increases or increases (like millions and millions in a short period of time). the tests neither show nor can show it.


  9. In my little in in western ma, I think wearing a mask now has become a cool fad for some. Young folks wearing them , and even folks that are walking an not coming in contact with other ppl. People are treating this like the bubonic friggen plague….

  10. Correct me if I'm wrong anyone but doesn't the 36k deaths so far in AMerica similiar to the number of deaths typically a year due to the typical Flu, oh the one that everyone gets a shot for. It's all utter BS…. But see the likes of Gates, Fouci, WHO, BIG Pharma want us to believe the lies we're being fed to as to hope we all get stuck in the arm within 18months. I hope most ppl tell em to kiss off.

  11. Gerald was especially extra feisty today. Classic Celente, Hey Gerald! Living out here in the MO Ozarks you are all the East Coast Italian I get. I miss being home which was CT yeah was what the hell happened!? You had me busting a gut this morning with my coffee. I couldnt stop laughing. Its been to long since I have been down in The Bronx having a nice meal at Patricia's in Morris Park , and playing Chess at Bronx Park with the Russians Albanians and people from every other place. but hey who needed to talk we were to busy having fun pushing pieces and banging clocks.

  12. Here we have a virus transmitted via the faecal/oral route(you eat sh*t to get the virus)due to a lack of hygiene particularly in hospitals and everyone parades around with face masks?
    Propaganda is amusing and the COMMIES run around with the BOLSHEVIKS demanding we believe,its like the Ukraine 1930s.
    Its enough to make you want to go Walter White.
    Mr Celente tells it like is.Painful!

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