DraftKings Stock a Buy? 7 Things to Know BEFORE Buying DKNG!

DrafKings stock just made Israeli businessman Shalom Meckenzie a BILLIONAIRE! Does that mean YOU should buy Draftkings stock too? Let’s find out.


  1. I would like to mention some data to you that might seem interesting to analyze the current market situation. The US crash confidence Index by the University of Yale, measures the % of Institutional investors and individual investors which think the stock market will NOT crash in the next 6 months. If you look at the graph, we have the biggest spread in between both since the Dotcom bubble. While only 25% of individuals think the stock market will not crash, 51% of institutions are confident the market will not crash. We are talking about institutional levels of confidence in the market well above the medium average and at 2008 levels. It would be nice if you could coment about it in your videos, it really means institutions know or believe for certain, something individuals doubt will happen.

  2. I think most of the new investors assumed just the opposite of that. "People cannot watch live sports due lockdown. So, they will play fantasy games in DKNY."

  3. I got a new job and found out previous employer had a 401a account they were paying. So I never knew this account even existed. Anyways I rolled it over to traditional ira account and went all in on dkng 7000+ shares! Wish me luck!

  4. It’s not a matter of “if” but when sports comes back… and when it does draftkings is in position to Capitalize on it… I don’t think you are taking that into consideration… that’s why they went public now

  5. Like I said I'm new to this but according to the RSI it seems as if you should cash out on draftkings right now and buy it back on the dip

  6. Can you please explain the USOI dividend its at 90% and it seems as if they always pay it out. I'm new to this so maybe I'm wrong can you explain please.

  7. Everybody plays fantasy these days and there's a growing number of women jumping in as well. Every guy who grabbed collecting baseball cards, everybody who grew up playing Dungeons and Dragons, everyone that plays the stock market and pretty much everybody who's competitive or just good with numbers. Huge industry. Once people start playing fantasy Sports it's like a drinking or drug habit they just keep doing it no one ever gives it up.

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