Day 5/Wrist pain/Hand Pain…Koi CBD 1000mg

Today I am trying something new. Koi CBD 1000mg. My wrist and hand are in pain last night and today. Slept maybe 2-3 hours. And not restfull at all. I suffer …


  1. Oh, about the tincture… read the lable. I think you will find thst it says to applt it to the top of the tongue, notbelow… which is unusual and unexpected… but check and see.. And have you tried applying it in a salve mixed in coconut oil? No need to buy it that way,make your own. Sellers provide a tiny amount of cbd in a small amount of inexpensive coconut oil at huge markups. Make your own. I would not use expired coconut oil… rancid oils are not good for the body and effect free radical oxidative stress.

  2. I started following your YouTube Chanel many years ago when you were reviewing vaping.

    I am sorry to see you are in such pain. So I'm interested to see if your CBD experiment helps you.

    Do you think you have some kind of Arthritis? You never say.

    I have just watched day 5 vlog, and it occurred to me to wonder what you EAT?

    Some people with rheumatoid arthritis get huge results with changing what they eat.

    I have osteoarthritis and I control the pain by diet alone.

    PS – I thought you looked "better" today – I can't explain what I see, or why I see that.

    I've emailed you too!

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