CBD Explained in 2 minutes

CBD Explained in 2 Minutes First off I really appreciate you visiting this Youtube channel. I would love any comments, likes, and …


  1. Lovecbd.com is where i score mine lol.
    I nave been diagnosed with COPD. I showed 40% down on hospital breathing tests. I started one capsule daily.
    Before.that i could hardly walk uphill without stopping to get back my breath. After about four weeks i can go to the top without stopping. Its been amazing!!
    I also found a youtube video explaining that COPD has been identified as a a micro pathogen. Fungi.
    The reason COPD CANT be cured !! And it even affects people long after stopping smoking. The pathogen..BLUE MOULD, is in the tobacco leaves and the spores are inhaled from the cigarette behind the part which is lit. Before the lit end can destroy it.
    What CBD does is ..destroy the fungi deep within the lungs where normal antifungisides cannot reach.

    Funny how the bronchial tubes can repair themselves even on heavy smokers but COPD continues on and progresses to kill patients.. Even though theyve quit.
    CBD cannot cure COPD. but can halt the progression of its relentless spread .
    Which must be overall…..a good thing.

  2. Hemp Dropz is one of the best brands I've found. It's gotten me of SeroQUEL,Prazosin, Gabapentin, Valium, Naproxen… the list continues. It's changed my life and it is made in Colorado!! American made!!=)

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