Burzynski: The Cancer Cure Cover-up | Free Documentary

Burzynski: The Cancer Cure Cover-up | Conspiracy Documentary Burzynski: The Cancer Cure Cover-up is the story of a pioneering biochemist who discovered …


  1. The Texas Med Board, NCI, ACS, FDA, NIH all of them dont care about saving lives of pple except perhaps their closest loved ones. Its all about the Money!!!

  2. What these brilliant people need to do is just RELEASE their treatments to the public, get their work in the hands of the people to let them cure their cancer. If you know for a fact that the FDA will never allow these cures see the light of day and are just waiting for the patent to expire, so they can bury it, why not release it? Give humanity a gift. We may not be chemists, but i know their are serious nutritional changes and supplements that give people a fighting chance.

  3. This is why I will never donate to another cancer association ever again. Powerful people will do anything in their power to never find a cure because theres more money in treating a disease than curing it.

  4. This is the most insulting disgusting display of the US gov't utter lackof cre or responsibility to hu,an life that they would waste billions of taxpaers' ,money scamming lying theiving discrediting real true cancer treatments to maintain stealing of money from suffering patients being literally murdered by the us govt and doctors who should ha ged like the fda piece of shit. Shame someone needs to sue the us govt and doctors and fda for mass murder and crimes against humanity


  6. A 58 year survivor and true believer "cancer is curable" Government/Medical Agencies won't commit it's TRUE – "money is the answer and no need for Cancer Specialist (assistants or administrators needed – no jobs or money)
    I've BELIEVE/STILL BELIEVE (since I was 15 years old) THERE IS A CURE
    Prayers to survivors and those who we've lost.

  7. The problem is not that this good and genius doctor was in crosshair of FDA, but the problem is with the people who don't stand and screw these asses. People should be free to determine what best therapy is. People please stand up for your rights.

  8. I myself suffer with a Brain Tumour and believe me it totally changes your life, it takes over your life. And to think these big Pharmaceutical Companies put their own greed of money against people's lives is Morally and Ethnically disgusting. "Profit before life" should be under their Name Banner on all their buildings. I've lost loved ones with Cancer and they quite possibly could have been here today if not for their greed and Immoralities. They should be ashamed. They are disgusting animals!!!

  9. …and vitamin B17 (plenty of it eg. in apricot kernels) is forbidden in USA. Because a cyanide in it kills ONLY cancerous cells. Google it, skip paid-for negative articles.

  10. I am here to reach out for much needed support, reassurance and guidance.

    I was diagnosed with head and neck cancer (HPV+ virus) last summer and was prescribed a course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, which was due to start October 2019.

    However, due to serious acute anxiety issues surrounding the wearing of the radiotherapy mask aswell as the side effects associated with radio and chemo, I was unable to go through with the treatment.

    Now, 8 months later, my tumors have grown, having been rescanned a few weeks ago, and the oncologist is again stressing that I go through with the treatment, as he asserts my tumors will only continue growing and get more serious, which is scary to say the least.

    My good friend has recommended I do a solid food vacation, and I am now on day 12 of juicing, with very minimal raw food (a bit of salad and fruit here and there). He is a big proponent of fasting and is very convinced I will be able to cure my cancer by doing a juice fast, and perhaps not need to go for treatment.

    Also, I have now come across this info, too, and other possible alternatives…. It's all really quite daunting when one does not have time on their side!

    I would be most grateful if anyone could reach out to me with any advice /guidance /suggestions around what I've highlighted, as I really need help, as stated at the beginning.

    Needless to say this last few months have felt like a never ending waking nightmare!!! 😔

    I need help!

    Thanking you kindly in advance. 🙏

  11. Everything these days has been corrupted for profit, nobody gives a shit anymore its so sickening every direction i look. Nothing will change until people rise but to many people are brainwashed into thinking theres no cure. We live in a lie and its very clear to see when you open your eyes and see all the people that have been silenced by the state, sent to prison or even killed for speaking the truth!

  12. I seen this years ago . This documentary made me so angry at are system, I made copies of it for people & and gave them away for free! you try to explain it to people they don't believe you, Like " haha, yeah right why would they not want to care cancer?" I couldn't even get people to watch the DVDs I made for them for free! It's all about the Mighty Dollar and insurance $$$. You take away cancer, you take away entire organizations!
    You take away entire hospitals!
    You remove Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Clinics, doctors, nurses & Etc. They are not going to let that happen!
    I dont like it but We live in a world ruled by Satan & the Mighty Dollar!
    It won't be this way forever, when Jesus comes back, everything will be made right!

  13. why would anyone even want to become as old as possible? it's not like, when you die you're missing out on stuff. when you're dead, you're no longer processing anything. no dopamine no adrenalin no boredom no any form of pain, you are nothing but a pile of meat. you are nothing but a pile of meat right now, in fact. wanting to live as long as possible is one of the most outdated urges ''built in'' by default in your brain and everything you do you do to avoid death, either directly or indirectly. now answer the question: will you suffer or not.

  14. I remember back in the 70s our medical sector announced they were not investing in cures. They were only going to invest on maintenance treatments.

  15. The most difficult thing is to prove that you are right, when, certainly you are right. It's like I scratch you and you scratch me between the governments and big pharma companies across the world.

  16. Human lives are in the hands of Zionism. Not only cancer but every single mass killing disease has been fabricated by them including COVID-19. I've never heard of any of them dying young. Rothschilds Rockefeller's Morgans Bilderbergs the Queen of England etc. Why those useless parasites never get sick or die young!!!

  17. I knew a co worker who's relative was being treated by a pair of doctors claiming to have a cure for cancer…….the main Dr. ran into a stone wall and censoring by medical higher ups while trying to get his method approved…….he was mysteriously found dead sometime after……..the partner was silenced through censoring and veiled threats……I believe he to was later found dead under suspicious circumstances…….just like the situation now……money talks and walks……the common people…..die.

  18. One way to find out if your personal physician is legit, ask him/her, what do you think about Dr Burzynski of Houston, Texas? If the answer Is sound like an eco from the FDA (aka organise crime or W.H.O.) then get a different doctor immediately, walk out his/her office, I mean just run and run, don`t stop.

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