WHERE HAVE I BEEN? & HOW I'm getting healthy

Hi friends 🙂 I wanted to share with you some updates on where I’ve been, along with what I’ve been doing to help support my immune system post explant …


  1. I just found your channel today. This is the second video I’m watching, first video was your breast implant illness video. Omg girl you are legit!

  2. Your personality is incredible. I feel like we could be friends! So freaking likeable. :). THAT FREAKING FESTIVAL LOOKED AWESOME!!! Your outfits were a literal masterpiece!!!

  3. sweetie dont you realize how incredibly toxic makeup is? i am mortified that, after your breast implant illness, you are still slathering yourself with toxins! wake up!

  4. Your eyes look so clear! Please check out the Andy Cutler protocol as there are a lot of heavy metals in breast implants, and some of it will probably not come out by itself. There are a lot of woman in the facebook group that has had implant illness and are getting better and better as they are chelating with the protocol. Autoimmune conditions and a lot of other chronic health issues is often caused by mercury toxicity, as it messes up the immune system and so many organs and enzyme pathways. I would really recommend anyone struggling look into the Andrew Cutler Protocol. This is the ONLY safe protocol to this date, eating things like chlorella and cilantro has made people very very sick. Please read the recovering stories by googling «cutler success stories child» and «cutler success stories adult» . But the best place to learn and get support is trough the Facebook group «Andy Cutler Chelation: Safe Mercury and Heavy Metal Detox». But whatever you do, never take/eat cilantro, chlorella, MSM, glutathione. (and ALA/DMPS/DMSA that is not according to the Andrew Cutler Protocol) you can read some peoples horror stories with these by googling «Andy Cutler what not to do». Wish you all the best!

  5. Thank you for mentioning the podcast! I've listened to a little over an hour of it and I'm in love with mushrooms even more now! I just ordered the Mushroom tincture and can't wait to try it! You've got the best recommendations 💕

  6. So happy that ur healthy again! Just curious which juicer you use… I’m looking for a good one. Also curious how ur breast has fully recovered? My PS said they always look fully normal by 6 mos after Explant. My surgery date will be on 1/29/19. More women need to advocate the awareness of Breast Implant Illness. Thx for sharing on detoxing after care as well.

  7. Yayyyy Shambhala! Have you been to Basscoast? It's much smaller than Shambhala but it's a lot closer to Van which makes it so much easier and less stressful than I've found Shambhala to be. Although the music at Shambhala is so much better.

  8. I just read about your horrific experience with breast implants.My friend had hers removed for the same reasons that you did.I am having very similar health issues from transvaginal mesh.My life has been a living hell since getting it in 2007. It is life threatening to have it removed, so I am thinking long and hard about just living with the crippling and immune busting side-effects. Anyone reading this , please don't allow foreign bodies to be placed in your body.We aren't always given the information to be fully informed.Thank you Karissa,for bringing this to Women's attention.

  9. i would love to see you do a traveling eating gluten free+dairy free+ vegetarian vlog. I don't eat gluten or dairy but when I was in Greece I ate like….all the bread. And all the Feta. I felt so so so so so sick the whole time and I would love to know what you travel with or tips/tricks to make eating like that when traveling maintainable. Love your channel Karissa 🙂

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