Tea of the Day #91 – HEMP TEA

Tea of the Day #91 – HEMP TEA What are the benefits of hemp tea? Are there any? Actually quite a few! Find out by watching this video! #eccentricnature …


  1. I love chomping hemp seeds – although I mainly give them to the chickens. I have not known about hemp tea, although the other ingredients sound pretty good to me.

  2. Just put the kettle on πŸ‘
    I'm growing some micro greens at the mo… including cannabis seeds from when I used to grow in my cellar. I had a seed problem (don't want seeds when growing bud!) .. so I kept a load. Good for micros.
    I got CBD oil the other week, 1000mg. Really good rubbing a drop on painful areas. Good for anxiety too.
    Thank you sir πŸ‘ŠπŸŒ±πŸ•

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