5 World's Biggest Lies | आपको सबसे बड़ा ख़तरा किनसे है ? | Ashish Mishra

आपको सबसे बड़ा ख़तरा किनसे है ? | Five examples of World’s Biggest Lies | Ashish Mishra. For Financial Contributions:…


  1. Hare krishna i have one doubt plz help me that the one who says the earth is round is being hang to death so hm dekhte h aj kal log jada quantity m h ki voshi ko dbaye nd galat ko uper dikhaye so if this scientist will say truth it would happen with them also nd being a student nd m Iskcon punjabi bagh s juda hu nd mujhe 5 6 sal ho gye h so mere liye ofcourse y kirpa h krishna ki but most of the other student mere khilaf ho jate h mere shi hone k bad bhi so ek normal person k liye kya nd plz forgive agr mene kuch apradh kr diya ho to HARE KRISHNA PLZ REPLY ALL GLORIES T PRABHUPPADA GURUDEV ND SENIOUR VAISHNAVS 🙏

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