What Happened During Aurora (#ACB) Q2 Earnings And Whats Next For The Company?

Aurora reports Q2 loss following layoffs, writedown and CEO departure Aurora sales fall 26% in Q2, predicts ‘modest to no growth’ ahead The Fate of Aurora …


  1. I'm feeling sick. I should have sold when I was down 50%, but I didn't want to cement my loss. I'm now down $215K and I'm afraid they may go bankrupt and I'll lose it all. What's it going to take to turn it around?

  2. ACB is screwed, I think it's too late for them to turn this around now. I think that's why Cam and Booth left. There's no way ACB makes it to me now. This company has destroyed so much goodwill, not to mention they're broke. I mad I didn't get out earlier. How many qt are we going to say " I don't think next qt will be profitable " it's like the 109th time. Than the new CEO looks like a goof, that interview was bad, and he didn't even look confident in his answers or ACB. They'll never be cash positive in 2020, they know that crap too. Zero honesty from them. Fux ACB

  3. Yo Aaron, what are you thoughts on Mexico ? A Mexican lawmaker says the senate will vote on a bill to legalize marijuana on the federal level by the end of this month, have you heard this news ? or just rumors ? I know Aurora has planted their feet in Mexico. Can you discuss how deeply Aurora is involved with mexico ? What operations do they have going on there ? I have no idea what aurora has going on in that country. And your thoughts on the stock if/when they go full legalization.

  4. Its not the bottom guys there spending more than there earning the black market is still beating them up on the price of a gram and there giving out pay raises to there higher ups. Bad moves here

  5. Reasoning with some ACB shareholders makes you realise how delusional some of them are, you are cannot reason with them. Probably because they are up the shit creek holding thousands of ACB shares. I personally bought in at $5 and cut my losses at $2.00 to move to 'greener' pasture.

  6. I sold all my ACB cause the earnings was extremly pathetic. Its going lower. They make 50 million in a quarter and lost 1 billion… Canopy Growth is the cannabis play.

  7. Man its difficult to put money into something when its biggest competitor will always be cheaper and easier to get which is in the black market. I still believe once it becomes fully legalized it's going to come down to the biggest players, which one is it acb or canopy growth????????

  8. I have seen this same situation in other big company. ACB is doing business all around the world that take big money to get set up on top of that the licensing in Canada and the U.S is hurting the market. This is why you have to look at M.J stock long term. The company is making money the number have to be higher to cover all the bills and put some in the bank. On that note I just brought more while it’s on sale

  9. Hey Aaron! Love your channel! Thanks for sharing info about ACB! Very much appreciate you! What do you think about BMMJ/BAMM? I did some DD on the company and they are profitable! And that they will be booking higher revenue next quarter with their current acquisitions! Do you think you can cover their info in one video? Please? 😊😁

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