1. Happy Valentines Day. Thank you for the report. Not ONE VOTER said ANYONE could 'TAKE the WEED' &change it LIKE MARINOL> WE VOTED FOR THE NATURAL ORGANIC PLANT MATTER. IF IT IS NOT=IT IS NOT A VIABLE PRODUCT. THE SELLERS MUST NOT HAVE 'VIABLE' ORGANIC PRODUCT TO MEET MANDATE. RECALL &BOYCOTT MERINOL &ANYTHING THAT IS NOT NATURAL. WE DON'T WANT FAKES FROM FREAKS. WE DON'T NEED PERMISSION TO USE A SAFE PLANT THAT IS PERSONAL PROPERTY IN A PRIVATE GARDEN, WE DONT NEED A TEST OR BOTTLES OR TESTING FOR A SMALL PERSONAL PATIENT GROW. Rev up on regs MEANS the program is a FAILURE, &over stepping regs have already lost 2/3 of the patients. This is too STUPID. If the legislators are not for patient grow initiatives, this will be a short prejudicial error ending. Patient use, plant &all its parts=Mandate, that is MY story &I am sticky to it!

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