Top 5 Moves to Win at Poker in 2019

Poker has changed so much since I started playing in 2005, and if you want to win in today’s environment you need to stay ahead of the curve. In this video I …


  1. I check strong hands all of the time. Then I bet big and they match me because they think I am bluffing. Basic understanding and strategy are great for beginners but you really learn from tons of playing. A new player that thinks that there is a set in stone strategy will lose a lot of money. Chalk it up to education fees.

  2. hello, i am trying to learn some strategies in poker, i am slow but to have a baby takes time as well.
    Q: I see a poker table software in this video, can I get a hold of this ( I guess this is computerized opponents ) so I can play within my convenience and have time to asses the situation.
    Where can I get this Software, and how much does it cost ? thanks

  3. One sentence: Call with high cards and pairs and you will win a lot of hands; guaranteed! Forget all this kind of crap and concentrate on high cards and pairs. This is El Toro poo poo. Rock on!

  4. Move 1: hide your big chips in the back
    Move 2: lie about position of chips
    Move 3: move chips back to a respectable position
    Move 4: tell them this is where the were originally
    Move 5: say that your hands are tied and RAKE IN THE DOE BABY!

  5. I have a question Alec, if the preflop agrresor had like pocket 55's or other combo's like AK of diamonds, why would he bets on the turn? I mean if you flopped a full house or something like that is better for him to keep the pot small and on the river maybe just call your bet ,can you answer me please Alec? waiting for your response, Thanks.

  6. Move #1. Hide your big chips
    Move #2. Unbutton your shirt half way so everyone can see your chest. (This establishes dominance)
    Move #3. Wear your really cool spade necklace with felt inside.
    Move #4. Bring your essential oils for your necklace to help you not go on tilt.
    Move #5. Only eat organic tofu and make sure you only do yoga at a Yoga Alliance certified studio.

    With these 5 tips you can become the biggest scam in poker and look so cool doing it.

  7. This Video is Really True!-I'll Try to Implement-Your Advice on My Next Game-In October 2019@Atlantis&Peppermill Casino's Poker Rooms-And Win-Some Pots!-Thanks!-Alec Torelli!-Raymond "Mike"Hong of Oakland, CA&UC Berkeley's Caldining Employee! (Good Luck!)

  8. Excellent points made in this video! Thanks for sharing. The "downbet" and "overbet" & "squeeze + downbet" are great strategies to keep in mind. Reasons to stop playing are great, but I limit myself to 2 buy ins. Playing from behind is no fun, and if I lose 2 buy ins, my goose is cooked.

  9. I read a comment about the audio, and I agree. It is definitely your mic. As an audio engineer I can tell you, that that go pro mic is not quality. You need a microphone like an Shure sm7b. This will leave you with a way better quality sound and eliminate all the background noise.

  10. alec ive watched a few of your videos and heres the problem. 1. you talk way too fast tryuing to explain 5 or 6 different things in 10 seconds burst. 2. you assume that everyone watching knows poker terminology so when you use terms like c bet you dont explain what that is. 3. you dont do a good job explaining anything complex. you just hurry up and talk about it and move on. If you want to make your videos more entertaining and informative please work on these 3 things and remember that there are new players like me entering the poker world everyday. thanks.

  11. Alec, I appreciate you making tutorial videos like this… but you've gotta know that the audio quality in this video is rubbish, right?
    Try not to film in a room that is so prone to echoes, and do a sample recording before filming your full video (to test the sound)

  12. Thanks for the advice. Ignore the "critics" – if they were as advanced as they believe themselves to be, they wouldn't be looking for tips on YouTube. They're interpreting these "tips" as "absolute rules for every hand" rather than options to add to your overall game. I appreciate the content. New strategies are always great to have in the toolbox.

  13. Nice video man. Started playing poker back in 2001. Was playing on Stars against a guy from Germany which later we became friends. He came for an event at Foxwoods and we met up and sat at a 1/2 no limit table while waiting for a satelite to start. I was getting out flopped every hand and busted. I wanted revenge so i got up and said save my seat. My friend knew i was hitting the atm and followed to stop me and explaind why. It was the first time i had ever heard the term being on tilt. I listen and he ws right cuz my judgement at the satelite sucked also. So when ever i go and ever since ive left my card at home.

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