The Contrepreneur Exposed – Official Trailer

Right now there’s a gold rush on to be rich and wealthy… But the people who made the real money in the gold rush didn’t dig for gold, they sold the shovels.


  1. Why'd you leave the women marketing scammers out? Women sell "woo" under the guise of sisterhood. (E.g., Geeta Nadkarni (PR); Marie Forleo, Fabienne Fedrickson, Lisa Sasevich, Lisa Cherney, Vrinda Normand, etc, etc, etc…)

  2. I've been listening to project life mastery by Stefan James for years and he is great however very basic and non actionable steps. Since then I've found other mentores. Can you see if he's real. He's a huge promoter of Dan lok as well

  3. Great stuff guys, much needed. The lure of easy money get rich quick Contrepreneurs is toxic right now and we need this content to help the poor people who are likely to keep being deceived by these scammers. I'd liked your comment about shovels for a goldrush ha I used to say they are selling magic wands so that people who want to change their lives can magically transform it overnight, easy as buying a course ending in a 7 hahaa keep it up chaps

  4. Most of the people you are showing are legitimate coaches. There’s nothing wrong with selling digital goods. You’re being a Whiney hiney thumb-sucker because it took you a decade and others know how to leverage the internet. You ARE a troll, one green with envy.

  5. I see so many comments about success but all of them seem to have a very singular definition of success. Being rich (financially) does not mean you are successful. If humans work on being good instead of having as many objects as they can aquire, this world would not be in the mess it is.

  6. I see you have JT Foxx in this Video. Not sure why you would do that. I am currently in Phuket and finished 3 days of high level business training with him and his team and 52 other entrepreneurs from 14 different countries. I will send him the link to this Video.

  7. Bruh, don't say anything about Jordan Belfort and Gary Vee. Gary isn't selling any course and Jordan's Straight Line is by far, the greatest I've seen on the fcking planet! I'm sa'in that because I increased my closing rate while freelancing using Jordan's methods….

  8. I bought a Robert Kiyosaki course a few years ago. The first few classes were live chat rooms with peope going whose ready to be rich. Blah blah blah. The information was easily googleable stuff. So I asked for refund from them. I forgot exactly what they said but they gave the run around. So I called my credit card company to cancel the purchase .

  9. @Mike Winnet you been mentioned here, YOU REALLY NEED TO DO A PROGRAM ON THE BIGGEST MANIPULATOR OF ALL TIME worse than Grant Cardone and a true narcissist claiming to make the world richer by . making them poorer first taking their money. This guy fancies himself as Russel Brunson, Garry V, and Grant Cardone all in one!! Have you guessed yet?? Rob Moore!! . You are mentioned here and these training company are screwing lots pf people over except their minions that are in the process and love him so much they do not see it YET they will like many who have worked for him and left and those who have trained with him etc.. He creates all sorts of fake engagement pods,, book offers, free courses for his tribe of robbers to upsell them after!! t really saddens me . I know someone that lost 80k with them!!! Even if you get a refund IT HAS TO STAY IN THE COMPANY SO YOU CANT GET YOUR REFUND YOU CAN MOVE TO OTHER COURSES ONLY!!! RARELY they allow you a full refund !!

  10. Found out about you from @MeetKevin, I love what you're doing man. Even if I already know their tactics, it's entertaining to watch them unfold in videos with specific people in mind. New sub (Y)

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