Gov. Andrew Cuomo Announcement On Vaping

Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on the state Department of Health to mandate warning signs in shops that sell vape products. Cuomo is also moving to ban flavored …


  1. This is the same as blaming law abiding gun owners for school shootings then actually blaming the shooter. Welcome to the new world order everyone and a democratic socialist government.

  2. This guy is an idiot. It wasn't vaping flavors that the kids died from, it was from shitty thc oil cut with vitamin E. The FDA already regulates vaping. Here's an idea ban cigarettes more people die and get sick from those. But because big tobacco is losing money they want to attack vaping.

  3. Fredo's brother lol. E ciggs and vapes were meant to ween tobacco smokers off the habit to quit for good. Buying it just to have something to do is definitely stupid. I bought one to try and quit smoking, I'd get heart murmur every other night from that garbage, and that was a VYPE. They should be taken off the shelves, period. You're either a smoker or you're not, vaping is still smoking.

  4. Why don't Gov Cuomo talk about banning cigarettes all together cigarettes are bad for your health and they cause cancer and have killed millions of people i dont see why he dont talk about BANNING THE SALE OF CIGARETTES IN THE STATE OF NY, that is what he should talk about since many people are addicted to nicotine and it killing people TALK ABOUT THAT CUOMO.

  5. Vitamin E is being used as a filler in illicit THC(cannabis/marijuana) cartridges by drug dealers who are diluting their product to rip people off. There is no nicotine product that uses this. There is absolutely no reason to ban nicotine vape products. Nicotine vape products shouldn't even be a subject in this conversation. Governor Cuomo and everyone else who doesn't understand this are idiots. But what makes this worse is that they do understand this. They want people to go back to smoking cigarettes so they will get more money from the master settlement agreement that was between them and the tobacco companies. So by telling people to stop vaping, they are telling people to start smoking agin. THEY WANT YOU TO DIE FROM SMOKING CIGARETTES!!!!! The real public health crisis here is that they are telling people to smoke cigarettes again. NICOTINE VAPES ARE SAVING LIVES, NOT KILLING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  6. How a about just ban vitamin e in vape. Ban teens from buying stuff like this. Just advise everyone not to buy from Ebay, Amazon, craigslist, parking lots. Go to reputable shops only. A ban will be worse, the black market will thrive.

  7. They want you to go back to the overpriced cigarettes that are tax the hell out of it this guy is a buffone it is none of his business we have to get used to telling our politicians to mind it business when it comes to our health concern what we eat and how we sleep when are we going to grow a pair and tell these people to go away and mind their own business when are we going to do it enough is enough these politicians are not our fathers and mothers they need bigger things to take care of then the mine everybody's business they trying to turn this Nation enter some kind of dictatorship

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