Gaia Update: Pisces Full Moon – Harvest – Sept. 14, 2019

This Full Moon happens very close to Neptune, at home in Pisces. It has been a showdown between Jupiter, home in Sagittarius, in a powerful square with …


  1. I need a super boost of positivity to kick start me .. Been stuck in dense lethargic slow energies going no where for too long . Please can you send me positive loving thoughts to help me forward on my journey thankyou everyone ❤

  2. You just made my year! Been waiting for the confusion and weirdness to settle down and from what you said it's on the way!! I shared the good news with some friends and we all breathed a sigh of relief! Thanks muchly – I love ur videos – very helpful 🎈✊🏿

  3. Sovereignty. Stay true and sovereign to the Ascension process.What else would you rather do. As difficult as it is, would you like to go back to a slumber, asleep…Being awake is hard.😎

  4. Just dim the lights, wake me when September is over… wow… I've been thru some sleepy spells, but this is crazy. Awake a few hours and sleep a few hours… lol… almost feels like a newborn's feeding schedule :o)

  5. Today. Was. Brutal. I gotta admit I am not that great at stepping back and observing some days. Sometimes I also attach to the feelings, both enjoyable and not. When I feel extremely fatigued and sleep almost all day I'll start to wonder if I'll be able to survive or go beyond that. I know deep down it will shift and try not to attach to when, but I was bombarded with anger and negativity today. So fatigued I actually drank soda for the caffeine for the first time in years. I was trying to escape it, rather than observe and hold space for myself and now I can tell the difference because after I felt relief, rather than a feeling of accomplishment and clearing. Oh well, I know it'll come back and am gentle on myself about it. Also, I make videos documenting my path, for those who are interested. Thank you so much, Adrienne. Namaste 🙏🏽❤🕊

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