Clay Pizza Oven Foundation | The Forest Kitchen | Off Grid Log Cabin Build, Ep.7 S1

primitive #rustic #forest In episode 7 of the forest kitchen at the off grid log cabin, I begin building the covered shelter for the clay (earthen) pizza oven, starting …


  1. Everytime I hear the wind rustling through the abundant trees, I think it's a downpour. I love nothing more than listening to the rain. So calming, peaceable, relaxing and tranquil. I call it nature's sleeping bill😊… Power tools have nothing to do with self alliance, nor are moments of aloneness. You do your thing, Shawn. You are neither arrogant, selfish or judgemental. And yes, 99% of men today, really needs to man up! You are blessed. I totally envy your wonderful way of life, (not in a negative way, of course.) I'd gladly swop my life right now, for the kind of naturistic, calm, self-reliant life you have. My only problem would be bugs!! It's wonderful that your wife supports what you are creation. Respect in abundance to both of you.

  2. As a man who didn't complete high school, your vocabulary and grammar are far greater than the average college grad's. And I haven't heard you use 'like' or 'actually' once! You are a self-made man, and I so appreciate that. My father didn't build a cabin, but he left the large car dealership and made a living for his family out of a little garage in his back yard. He worked hard all his life, and he taught his children the same ethics. Work hard, live honestly, owe no man. That's why I'm enjoying your videos – and your talks – so very much.

  3. I always enjoy your videos. Love your dog too…..You want to get her attention , pick up a shovel and start digging….lol. I have a Golden too….great dogs. She's 14 now and has bad arthritis….I used to work alone a lot… Just a suggestion…when you are nailing heavy piece of wood , use a ratchet strap on one end to hold it up while you nail the other side. I get what you are saying about being self reliant….Pay no mind to the ones that don't.

  4. And yes we as men do need to man up. Treat our wife like a wife not a husband. Really their is no gender problem. Men are men and woman are woman. Simple to understand for anyone with a sound mind.

  5. Hey Shawn, that's the first time I have heard you say anything about the state of things. I totally agree with what you said. We need to get control of our life's and our governments. And be more Self Reliant.

  6. … I think ! … better don't talk too much …
    just do your things .. & .. live your Life .. for example .. that will be enough …
    words can be misunderstud .. pictures don't lie … Voila ! … just do it ! .. Yes ! .. We can ! …

  7. I Shawn. I'm following you for a month or two now, and I'm so impressed by your willingness, your talent and your wisdom. I'm from Quebec, had the same kind of family, a cabin in the north (that I will rebuild with logs because it's rotten….) and just trying to live like you.It's so generous from you to share all your givings, taughts and skills that I note religiously. Your simply the kind of man that I would have to be my woods buddy…..sorry my english isn't great but I'll try to stay in contact with you to show you some pictures of my own project too. A+!

  8. Shawn James your awesome man, a man to be admired and emulated. I love watching you build stuff, shows us that it IS possible. Also, I agree that we've become complacent, we just assume that well always have these luxuries like electricity and the fact of the matter is, we could potentially lose all that some day either through some crazy solar flare or a man made EMP and most people on this planet would perish without electricity simply because they've become so reliant on it, myself included. Your work ethic, your knowledge, and your joy in doing this all, gives me hope, that I COULD survive. In fact, the more I watch and listen to you, the more I feel like, I might be happier living that kinda lifestyle. Keep up the good work and the great videos and the awesome words of wisdom.

  9. Society is condemning men. Here in America they are calling it "toxic masculinity". Which that in itself is a joke. There are good men and bad men. Men do need to step up, and become better MEN. Not cucks like feminists say we should be. A strong man, or men, is what this world needs.

  10. I have been watching your videos for 2 weeks now and I love them and I think your beliefs are right on! Most people I know and am related to are just like you say. I am about to turn 61 and you're right that if people don't realize how to be self reliant when they're young they'll be dependant on others when their older. I know I'm late to the party so to speak but keep up the good work. God Bless You.

  11. Loved your video and the fire side talk. You are right “boys” today need to man up. Unfortunately the examples in the media and entertainment fall way short of what a real man is. The feminization and lack of respect of authority figures are rampant. Sorry I got on my soap book, but keep up the good work “ on the cabin and the fire side chats”. If it changes 1 life to the better it is worth it.

  12. Reflection is key to personal development but is not encouraged today as it once was. Being accomplished isn't considered very important, unless it leads to fame or income. This may be related to the general "dumbing down" policy of mass media in its effort to appeal to as many people as possible. And to the educational system's directive to be inclusive. Remember the popular paradigm, "I'm OK, you're OK." It results in a sort of inertia and lack of initiative.

  13. Thank you for being so open.
    Mental illness is in my family. I’m depressed for a few days now, very much actually. I have a mentally ill father and I’m stuck dealing with his problems for many years. Anyway, I am raising my son to be self reliant. I’m teaching him anything I can about the way men need to be. Fix things, learn, build, respect keep trying. Our society is trying to shun being a man.
    Thank you for your efforts. Your videos are appreciated so much.

  14. I was fixing a broken fender on my car when my neighbor came over, genuinely puzzled why I didn't just go buy a new fender. It's not the money, it's the philosophy of doing for myself what I can, even if it doesn't turn out perfectly. I've remodeled two old houses top to bottom with self-taught skills, and have never asked for or would accept help doing that. I always say that another guy working on my house would be like some other guy dancing with my wife. This is my house, my car, my family, my stuff, it's my responsibility and privilege to take care of what's been entrusted to me, if at all humanly possible.

  15. I am telling you… you are smart…lol My only problem with living that way is I need a bathroom in.the cabin. As I don't want a bear grabbing me In middle of the night…when I have to

  16. First rate comment on what men should "do anyway"… loved it. I have 4 brothers who try and a dad who figured it out too late but he left us lots of land before he died. Gonna refer your site to all my brothers. Bless you and your family. love Callie!-

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