This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! This video shows how training your autoflowers cannabis plants increases harvest yields. Indoor grow guide using …


  1. Hey everyone, sorry for the short video. ( I did my best to put something worth learning together in the short amount of time I had this week) I know its short and its a common thing I hear (that the videos are not long enough). I'm trying to figure it out, while not missing a single Sunday upload. I do apologise for the fluctuation in video time lengths. If you have questions, just drop them down and I will get back to you. Enjoy your week
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  2. Hey Matt, why did you super crop the Moby dick? Why super crop at all and not just LST? In other words what are the pros and cons of LST vs Super Cropping?

  3. Ive been using your beta for nutrients and lst. Only the soil im using is different. Its fox farm ocean forrest so ive toned back the nute quantities with having an organic enriched base to start with. Im having a great first time grow of autos on my balcony in the 604, pistols have been showing the past week, ladies are short and bushy with a level conopy and plenty of tops rising together. Thank you for the solid advice and information. Is there anywhere in the Van area I can sample your goods at???

  4. Thank you very much Mr. Canucks Grow i love you and all what you show i make it the same but only on mephisto seeds i dont can bye seeds because im from europa. But really thank you and i want to meet you and smoke a big hit best girl scout cookie deep with you. You are my Idol
    Thanks bro

  5. The plants dont site grow from light. So really you only want to remove lower canopy leaves because they dont get much light and it saves energy to the upper canopy. Again removing a leaf from over top a bud will not make the bud grow larger. In theory it will make the plant have less light. Best thing to do is move the fan leave to an area that is not occupied. The side method for autos is not that good. The best way to change an auto is to train it from early veg. The Tap root of and auto goes straight down and the cola goes straight up. To train it to multiple by 4 colas has to be done at the start. Auto's are on a clock. Do it early or dont do it at all. Also you need more seeds. There is no shame in buying twice the amount of seeds and pack then together allowing the main colas to grown and not worry to much about other buds. Long skinny pots would be great for this style of grow. Imagine a 4x 4 area packed with 20 main unaltered autoflower cola's. Any empty spaces train the colas to grow in those spots. Your led light can be lowered a bunch more than that at this point in the grow. These plants wont stretch much more than that. Autos can typically take more heat from what iv seen. Lower them lights and lets get the intensity going on those buds. Autos love led lights and produce some awsome sticky wet buds

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