1. Booze is 10 times more potent and dangerous than marijuana! Marijuana should have been legalized years ago! The fucking Bible Belt, that's what the problem is! All these religious zealots need to get off their fucking holy High horses!!! Legalize It it won't kill ya!

  2. Legalize weed for adults and children who need it for medical reasons and make it legal to the public at ages of 21 we have worse things out there in the world that kills people on a regular basis so yes it should be legal 100%

  3. A gateway to what? I'm 48 years old and sick of stupid people telling me how I should live or what to do with my body.. it's only a gateway to the universe.. we are adults that can make a decision for ourselves.. I hate any form of alcohol which I have seen destroy people and kill people..

  4. that shits a plant homie lol why are it illegal (not saying stuff like cocaine is fine since it’s derived from coca leaves lol that’s synthetically modified unliked weed)

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