1. when me and my friend stored weed in a water bottle not gatorade an aquafina bottle we thought we were the smartest stoners a week later I see this video the first one is a fucking bottle and ye its good

  2. I watched this video a few times and I'm frankly surprised you never mentioned "the garage, which always smells like gas anyways"

    Anyways, in 2019, in Canada where i live, weed's legal. I have an Oz sitting on my kitchen table, no one cares, life's good.

  3. my friend keeps his stash in those big altoid mint containers and can fit about 3 grams in each. and the mint really masked the smell even when it was the container was opened. + he would have like 12 containers in a box under the his bed

  4. Honestly a mini fridge is one of the best ways as long as its in your room and your parents dont check it but mini fridges keep the smell in and you can fit as much as you want

  5. I just started smoking and I hid mine outside in like a space between my house then when it rained I put it in a drawstring back and DO NOT OPEN IT AT ALL IN THE house hid it somewhere too

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