This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Hi Iam Matt with Mr. Canucks Grow. This is a special episode. We harvest some of the biggest buds I have ever grown …


  1. Matt’s a zany guy in that he’s really cool and focused, pretty much professional. And then, for example in this vid, he’s of his face struggling to comprehend the task at hand as he’s being drawn into a body high that’s seems pretty darn groovy. Love it. Keep focusing on what Mr. Canucks says, and laugh appropriately when he’s toked till his being is turning inside out. Did I actually say anything? Hmm 🤔 Great vid, did the subscribe, like, etc., cos I want more. Heck I wish I was as talented as this Canucks fellow and could produce very high end Cannabis products, at home 💙 ✌️🔥🙏

  2. Huge bro. Excellent job. I hope to reach your levels of grow someday..for reals!!
    Thanks again for your informative weed channel for weed users and medical users alike.
    Keeping it real up in Canada 🇨🇦

  3. Sorry about YouTube being a a#&h*&^. I have been working on getting all the info I can on how to grow. You have help a lot. How would fresh seafood juice and water mix would help the plant's or would it just cause bugs

  4. I’ve smoke black buds before, I believe this was a purple strain which suffered light deficiency as I’ve Heard you can turn green buds purple with the right combination of fuck ups, so I believe someone messed up a little with a purple strain effectively turning it shiny black, coated in trichs though

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