greenshockfarms #mendodopevision #greendope Mendo Dope and Green Shock Farms are back for another full sun grow season in the Emerald Triangle.


  1. I noticed that you have Mullen growing between your plants and mentioned in this video that you would pull it out. Mullen, is a natural medicinal herb that makes a great tea that you drink to help control high blood pressure and diabetes. It can be used as well in poultices for burns or infection. I mix it with my bud to clean out my lungs and it is how I quit smoking cigarettes because it helps alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal. As a Native American, enrolled with the Ponca Nation of Oklahoma, Mullen is a very important plant with many uses and should be included in your medicinal herbal garden.

  2. Ha ha lol love how the dog took the shovel from the dirt pile lmao how cool guys what happened to cut throat?? Hes old school held things down when you were growing at your home miss the old guy lol great vid as always what's up mark lol peace and love always somkedog

  3. Hey guys love your plants and music just wondering if you have used kina as a food for the living earth and the planets the flavor is mental even in Hydro works best in Organics with your favorite foods and so I add it at flowering time chur keep it Green from new Zealand wish we were legal here I'd love to cream your plants when that sweet sugar comes on the plants I get it straight from the plant to the hot knives 5 minutes and your spotting pure resin the best yeah.

  4. No disrespect at all !!!! I’ve been listening to you guysl since 2012 ! If you can’t beat them !!! Join them!!!!That’s pretty much been the moto for a couple of years now

  5. I like work on my own with everything I do because I can't stand the arguments ….work with the wrong people it's like having another wife ….and when it don't pay it's like a wife with no sex ….

  6. Broad and Cyclamen Mites are tiny arachnids (<0.2 mm in length) that are common pests of strawberries, African violet, ivy and more. Distributed worldwide, broad and cyclamen mites have become major pests to a range of commercial crops and have proven difficult to control. Much of the difficulty in controlling them stems from their minute size and how difficult they are to successfully identify.

    Identification & Life Cycle:

    Eggs – Elliptical in shape, translucent and colorless and laid in clusters with white tufts covering the tops.

    Larvae (1st Instar) – Generally slow moving with a whitish appearance, young cyclamen and broad mites have three pairs of legs and can be 0.1-0.2 mm long. This stage lasts one day.

    Nymph (2nd & 3rd Instar) – Clear and pointed at both ends, nymphs are generally found in depressions on fruit and females can be carried by males. Usually lasts one day.

    Adult – Males are oval shaped and short with long, thin legs. Females are also oval shaped, but more swollen than the adult males. Males live for 5-9 days while females live for 8-13 days. Females will lay approximately 5 eggs per day (30-75 eggs in a lifetime), which can be found on the undersides of leaves and on small fruit. Most dispersal occurs through males carrying female larvae to new leaves and plants, but there is evidence showing other insects like whiteflies carrying mites from plant to plant. In outdoor settings, adults will often be found on shaded areas of the plant making them harder to spot.

    Damage Symptoms:

    Broad and cyclamen mites have a wide host range and are most prevalent in tropical regions, but are found in greenhouses in more temperate regions. These mite species are widespread and a major pest of both commercial and ornamental crops. They prefer feeding on new growth causing it to twist and harden. Leaves will turn downward and discolor while blooms may abort in the presence of larger mite populations. Streaking on foliage may be evident with flowers becoming deformed and/or reduced in number. Developing fruit will discolor and premature fruit drop can also occur.

  7. Ok so I commented to soon. I want to add. You guys are nutzz! I mean top notch gone made! Took what you love and expanded ten fold! Amazing and I share your passion brothers

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