1. Lethargic, hey I already am! Man, if I take hits like you on my oil, I almost stop breathing. So, now I take only these very small hits. I like vap and I don't like vap. There is still something not quite perfect in its delivery. I would love a vap that was totally smooth going down and up, but so far, no go. Sad! I smoked a pre-roll Ev…King Louie, now that was smooth. “Heshies”” Selfies”, are super smooth for me. I will keep trying vap. but something is going to have to happen before I ever embrace it totally. Yeah, it was great at work. So, that is the good, bad and me! Thanks for being you!

  2. old national psh bad area but idk why you would trust this thc isn’t legal in ga bron thats made in a garage and labeled by someone with a printer smh paying 50-60 bucks for that

  3. Lucky you bro I got to get a couple new ones the smoke shops in Boston are gay they treat customers like s*** especially Boston smoke shop and Vape R Us in Malden Mass Blue Moon Smoke Shop in Boston I have no place to get these I got one more place to check out they were supposed to open up the shops in July I don't know why it's taking them so f**** long I'm very frustrated and upset I have to deal with crackheads buying my weed off the street don't know what the f*** in it we're going on 5 months now they were supposed to open the shops the first of the month for recreational marijuana use what the f*** going on Boston Boston is the worst place to go don't waste your time coming to Boston or these little quick communities so if you think Boston's free for you guys to smoke when you come over here you're wrong the cops went to harass you I have one 1 good spots to go to I have nothing to say bad about the cops they always been fair with me after all I just smoke weed I'm 36 going on 37 I should be doing hard + drugs and alcohol I don't drink I don't do hard drugs I don't even play the lottery I smoke weed that's all I do you can call me boring I don't play Russian Roulette the only thing these people do it's hurt their friends and hurt their family it's a sickness I don't think so it's addiction come on just don't come to Boston Boston sucks I'm very impressed with the product you have have a good day

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