1. Anyone who's been smoking for months or even years may forget how it is to feel naturally motivated and mentally clear. Maybe you may want to search for Nemery Thentel's website for a way to curb your cravings, and control or completely eliminate your habit within a couple weeks’ time.

  2. Me too man. I've been comparing it to the stock market recently – it crashes sometimes, but keeps going up in the end. Eventually I'll totally quit, and won't look back 😉

  3. I've been 100% sober no intoxicants of any kind for about 11 months almost a year although at times I would like to Tok cannabis again I'm seeing what substitutes I can access and have experiences I have yet to experience without any interference

  4. fok this shit man i need to stop, i stay in this cycle of chasing the high, time to stop for a long ass time , it's nice once in a while after a long break, due for that long break, but i cant even get proper strains cause live in pensylvania, it is what it is man

  5. I've considered doing the same, but I really really love weed and think it's a net positive. However it has gotten in the way at times. A pattern I see forming is: I'll get too high, come down, then miss being high and get high again, and be too high again, and loop. I felt dumb just typing that out. I work from home so this is a daily occurrence, with varying amounts. I switched to micro dosing instead though. I smoke tiny bits of hash. Now I feel I have way more benefits, less downsides and it just feels like a great balance. It's an agreement with my addictive personality to meet half way, and I actually really love using weed this way. My tolerance stays really really low so I can still get baked before sleep.

  6. I have been wondering about your addiction update videos since you posted last one after your visit to Thailand. Initially, i thought you are over with this addiction but i have to confess that lately i have had a very strong feeling of you going back to old cycles. IT'S TOTALLY FINE!!!

    Stay strong bro, You got this. Let's take this break a bit farther rather as long as you can go!! Keep it up bro. You are an inspiration. Keep posting mate!! <3

  7. Your videos relate to me so much every time bro, I've been off the path for too long.. procrastinating quitting now for 4 years.. constantly complaining about life, without giving it a chance without marijuana… I'm 22 this year so it's time to grow the fuck up tbh, good luck brother and thanks for the inspiration as always g

  8. I was wondering about a new video.
    wow this really peaked my interest. 0:16 profound. I could say the same about my comment even. I'm happy I subscribed and hit the notification bell.

    I've been avoiding alcohol and weed for almost 4 months now and it's going swell, I'm just working part time, reading books listening to music, hanging out with some nice friends that are not interested in substances and it's pretty peachy but boring.

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