Can CBD Cause Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome?

As far as I know, Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) is strictly related to THC. I have never heard of it related to CBD. Has anyone else heard the contrary?


  1. I have chs, i really want to try cbd-only product to see what will happen. Im hoping cbd is not related to chs at all. Does anybody know the answer of this million dollar question?

  2. Cbd does not cause CHS even in extremely high doses don’t believe anyone telling you otherwise, I have used cbd to try and relieve my CHS symptoms when going cold turkey and trying to quit consuming thc and it barely takes the edge off but is somewhat effective on keeping vomiting away but no prescription or herb on this planet can get rid of the nausea, not even ingesting 1000 mg of cbd. haloperidol is successful for most people it’s what I would recommend but again only gets rid of the vomiting. If I was to stop smoking/ dabbing Without cbd or haloperidol I would be puking every 15 mins and could drop 40 pounds in 4 days from not eating or drinking and once having an ambulance rush to my apartment because I slipped and hit my head in the shower knocking me unconscious and almost drowning in an inch or two of water that was accumulating because of a clogged shower drain and it was slightly burned from being in the hot water for too long (that helps but is a very temporary fix). I speak from 10 years of living with this and not being able stop longest I have gone without consuming thc was 3 months, hope this helped sorry it was long

  3. I check every box for CHS except, I don’t have abdominal pain (except when vomiting of course). I have pain in my chest that feels like my heart is swelling. Every time I go in for it they suggest it’s CHS but don’t have any definitive answers as all tests come back negative.

  4. i highly doubt that it would cause cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.. i acturally have a feeling that it might protect against it.. CBD somewhat blocks THC from binding to the receptors, and as far as i can tell, THC is known to be the cause of the condition.. I'm going to try a month on CBD product, and see how it affects me.

  5. Wouldnt it be something if we found out that the smoke is being intentionally poisoned, like back during the Prohibition Era? People were smoking for years, then all of a sudden this "sickness" pops up. It could be viruses/bacteria, pesticides, or other contaminants on the smoke from either poor manufacturing or sabatoge, smh.

  6. I have CHS and have tried CBD to make cold turkey quitting easier and it also gave me that bad feeling in my stomach. I think it’s a no go. But fwiw I have since been able to have an occasional smoke with friends.. just gotta keep it infrequent like I say less than once a month.

  7. And regarding your question. I got CHS from THC overuse, not from CBD so as far as I know about CBD, no. However for those already suffering from CHS or myself, I can't tolerate using CBD products right now. I am still detoxing. Only been off of it for days and feeling a bit improved after months of nausea and stomach cramps. I read that Cannabis without THC can do this and……I don't know anyone who that has happened to but as of right now, it's like I have an allergy to Cannabis products. I need to treat the allergy symptoms. THC is a derivative of Cannabis but anything in that class won't make you feel very well. However, as I mentioned below, I read a study that eating Sulfa and Calcium rich foods along with taking Calcium d-glucarate helps you to break down Cannabis and might enable those with CHS to occasionally use Cannabis again. But I stress 'OCCASIONALLY'.

  8. Not that rare sir ,
    I know three people alone .
    There are possibilities to a pesticide called Azamax that’s causing vomiting and excruciating stomach pains. Even seizures. Don’t close your mind . Also called neem oil!
    It’s not necessarily the rich the strains

  9. Multiple Drs multiple years I've been diagnosed by 12 different doctors and for different states it's real don't take it lightly I've been sick for weeks I've coughed up blood trying to get my stomach muscles to stop and I quit smoking weed it just goes away after a week or so.Truth

  10. Yes I think just CBD can cause this CHS problem. Because this is something I have experience just recently and I am not a marijuana smoker or user. But the CBD organic I took is THC free and the CBD is extracted by CO2. More research needs to be done on separating the marijuana like they're doing and selling it as some cure. I get the feeling that it would be better to take the whole plant and ingest it raw. But I don't know enough about it.

  11. In the same boat! Just spent 8 days in the hospital, back and forth. I'm tired of being treated like a junkie. My insurance won't cover my bills because they say this is self induced harm. I'm terrified. My Dr told me to use Marijuana for anxiety and nausea, I've been suffering from CVS for years before I started using Marijuana, and now other Dr's are telling me "this is what you get for smoking weed". I have extreme anxiety and bi polar which I've struggled on meds with for years and years. Marijuana was the best thing Tha happened to me and now I can't have it. I feel like I'm losing my mind. I don't ever want to put myself through that pain again. I'm not a hypochondriac. I just want relief from my anxiety.

  12. So I have seen several videos of cbd helping people with copd. Not curing but just helping with the symptoms. My Dad was just diagnosed with copd and has to constantly walk around with oxygen which he gets embarrassed about. He is now depressed and feels like life is over for him. My question is do you think cbd oil would help his copd symptoms or are all these testimonials a lie?

  13. I purchased a 1oz. bottle of Hempworx 500 (meaning 500mg) of the THC-free CBD hemp oil (crystalline) and a 1oz. bottle of the "full spectrum" CBD oil with, supposedly, up to the legal limit on THC content, 0.3%. Both of the peppermint flavor variety. They also sell a natural (unflavored) version of their oils. So far, whenever I take the full spectrum oil, I get sick, mild headache, nausea, I feel that I get hot, fatigue… just not a good feeling. When I take the THC-free oil, it actually helps, takes certain kinds of pain away (I have several pains) I notice it works really well on back pain more than any other pain. I take about 20 drops (one serving) 3 times a day, morning, afternoon, and evening. I've been off the antidepressants but can't seem to get off the benzodiapenes, I've been on a very low dose of Klonopin for more than a year, to help with anxiety and help me sleep, I get music, yes music, playing in my head all the time, it's rather annoying, especially when you're trying to sleep. I take CBD oil for: Bipolar disorder type 2 (with hypomania), PTSD, ADHD, OCD and to a lesser extent NPD. I really want medical marijuana, but here in NJ you have to jump through some hoops to get it. I figured, on my journey to medical marijuana, let me see if be CBD oil can help. I have very severe mental illness but I'm strong and if you ever met you'd have no idea of my diagnoses, I hide my issues very well. It's really a miracle from God that I'm still alive 😕. Suicide is in my mind basically everyday. Been out of work for more than a year, even applied for permanent disability and got turned down. Anyway, getting back to the CBD oil, it's alright, I still go into states of hypomania and depression, but they're not so long lived as when I wasn't on anything. I think maybe I should try a different brand, I'm not too convinced about Hempworx, they push their MLM program so much that it leaves one to wonder if they're concentrating more on sales and potential sales than quality of the product. My aunt had recommended me to but I found the Hempworx a little cheaper, not much though. Once this bottle is through I'll probably try the other website/brand. I don't really want to go to full on cannabis if I don't have to. I wouldn't even smoke it if I did get my MMP card, I would probably just get the oil or maybe edibles, I've never tried weed in my entire life, or any other drugs for that matter. Don't even smoke cigarettes. But I'm afraid that my case will require some heavy duty stuff like cannabis or, if I decide to go conventional, which I don't really want to do, Depakote or Lamictal. 😕

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