1. it's so important to be early and to be first especially when we are talking about a co like ICC who obviously knows to position themselves globally. Cautiously bullish is very wise, but when this explodes, I want to say I was a part of it!

  2. I've been looking for an under the radar, pure cannabis play. This sounds right up my alley. I've downloaded the /World report and will read that tonight. Thanks for bringing Lucas on the show to help seal the deal.

  3. ICC has A LOT going for them!! Full blown worldwide operations is huge. Cannabis will be legalized in the US on a fed level, it's just a matter of time. The fact that the trends has started in Canada and in Europe, shows we are moving towards its acceptance.

  4. This industry is here to stay. No discussion there. However at its current prices a lot of marijuana stocks are quite overpriced for what they own NOW. Which actually is one of the reasons why I like this sector so much. Smaller investors like you and me couldn't push those stocks as high as they got. The people that push those stocks so high are big investors with hundreds of millions of dollars, fund managers, insiders, etc.

    Very often those insiders know exactly why they're buying shares of their own companies – because they know what the future will present for their company.

    So, on the current dip we can see some great entry points for a lot of special, unique cannabis companies, hope you guys are taking advantage!

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