Louder with Crowder is a right wing political commentary channel on Youtube hosted by Steven Crowder and Jared Monroe, at least until recently! As of August …


  1. My guess is that it’s mostly a nothing burger. Maybe the intern was fired but that’s not really a lose to the show and maybe Sven and Stephen had a disagreement over wages (and considering how the blaze bought out CRTV this would make sense). But overall I think there’s probably not a whole lot to it.

  2. They are all bound by NDA's and were all screwed over by Crowder. Once Steven tries to sue Owen Benjamin, they will finally be able to talk about it. Fan the flames boys. Would love to see Crowder exposed

  3. It's obvious. Sven got fired because of the secret "Steven Crowder is a liar who doesn't pay his employees" sign he held up.

    Jared obviously was close with Sven and found what Steven did wrong. And he left because of that.

    It's fucked really.

  4. The "Not Gay Jared" evidence is weak. We don't know the nitty-gritty, the bare details, but we do know now that he can't work other places due to legal issues. Jared wants to work and NEEDS to, but I believe it's been inflated by both parties.

  5. We could use a sequel… Owen has talked a lot of what happened. Though he may have went nuts, he would know what went down. He said Crowder owed Sven thousands of dollars and kept Jared from getting another media job. What’s interesting is owen and Sven both tweeted out a bear and Jared liked both tweets!

  6. Steven gets on a guy for a guy bringing up God as his sole provider, and Steven chastises him and than what Steven turns around and brings up God's grace in the second part of his ablative absolute there. And how a guy should know what grace is, to truly live. Oh! What an ego. Hey! I can be a total hypocrite to; but at least I am fully aware of it. Steven is one of those unaware types and makes for willful denial and basically forces those who work under or with oh him to be a subordinate instead of an equal. Never been a big fan of Crowder. I am not Democrat or Republican or anything but just a human being. It is pathetic to sit here and have to watch a man; feel to try and justify himself for being a piece of shit in instances. The oh guy personally outside his show is probably an decent guy; but inside the confines of his show and here what he seems an egotistical shit head. He sits here and placates to his truce with his ego. Sven should have been able to promote himself oh really.
    If Steven is not paying the guy; Sven should be able to promote himself a little.
    Steven is a dick.

  7. Sorry firing 1 person and having 2 others quit a company is not abnormal. Yes it happened in a short time but for years you barely saw anyone leave. From a man that owns his own business this is how things happen. Everything is great for a few years then 2-3 employees leave at once and makes your life a living hell. That’s the life of a business owner

  8. I think it's more logical to assume that Crowder is a dick. for evidence I bring Jared leaving the show. Jared didn't leave for another job. he just left. why would someone leave a good paying job when they are expecting a child? maybe cause crowder is a dick and people don't like working for him? maybe jared tolerated crowder for the time but his treatment of a poor german computer was the straw that broke the camels back?

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