1. Love your work jordies. Always have but I have a lot of information on private prisons and I would hate to see you discredited. Message me. Cheers mate

  2. Private prisons. The definition of a bad idea.
    More criminals = more money.
    It's about as insane as allowing big business to 'donate' to political parties.

  3. My experience in a private prison was very different, W.A. i used to say, it isn't punishment, its an alternative lifestyle..
    Bad idea to have more, build it and they will come… look at the US.
    Here, WA, the first private prison, Acacia, now grossly overcrouded, did originally run, for 10 years at least that i know, under a few different owners, pretty sort of ok. Teething problems but there was a higher expectation on the management of it due to a stringent contract which required them to be, at a base level, performing on par with government prisons. Which were / are just a meat grinder. Realistically, every opportunity was there for you if you wanted to better yourself. If you didn't, you wouldn't. Came down to the individual as it does in life. Helped me a lot if I'm honest. Wouldn't recommend prison though, i can think of about 100000 other things I'd rather be doing…

  4. Truth is Canberra is corrupt , the cops are corrupt the system is corrupt and the laws are made by corrupt politics. Jail is just were they send people that wont comply with being controlled , that and most don't use there brains, i mean just watch how the banks and tax department commit there crime daily .. just copy them!. all u need to do to get a head in this life is know what currency to use and ur legal rights and all the right loopholes and ur set!

  5. I have a concept of turning almost the entire Simpson Desert into a giant prison. All cells will be solitary, containing nothing more than a simple bed, toilet, and water dispenser.

  6. Without bullshit, I can confirm the guards do not get involved and turn a blind eye to prisoners shooting up even under cctv. When a prisoner is being assaulted or dying they call in the riot police who will take from 10 to 25 minutes to show up. Then they rough up everyone within reach and destroying the cell. On public holidays the prisoners are kept in for the whole weekend to save costs and also on the whim of person in charge. ie any discretion they will shut down the whole wing with no electricity or water or exercise. There are exactly no rehab programs available. You want to visit the library? Be one of only 6 to run to it to get a book weekly. A doctor visit can take two weeks if the guards don't deliberately destroy your request and is usually ignored by the doctor if you do get to see one. There are no dietary allowances, eat what we give you or starve. The guards are all out of shape lumps with gunts who couldn't get a job in pub security but think they are the next line of national defence. They are also the ones bringing in and selling the drugs from sleeping pills for $20 up to whatever you want for whatever you will pay. Lastly 25% of the people in jail haven't done it.

  7. Goosebumps.
    For real, thank you, it horrifies me how little most people seem to care about shit like this. The recividision rate alone should be enough of a reason to start rethinking the current system. But.. money money moneeey.

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