The #1 Cuisine to Master if You’re a Vegetarian

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  1. I am an Indian and watching this makes me feel proud coz the food we make is really taisty and good but it might be more spicy for foreigners but if you try these recipes you will know how easy,quick,simple and taisty they are

  2. the food that most Indians eat at home isn't that special. its pretty monotonous. many don't care how many calories and shiz you know . Talking about vegetarian food Japanese vegetarian food is also there.

  3. Tip: soak the lentils in warm water for a few hours before cooking (overnight recommended). that will soften them before they are cooked. They will melt in your mouth once you bite in!
    Cook the eggplant over low gas. it will get the roasted flavour and will smell amazing! also, you can use the whole of that eggplant.
    Also go easy on the coconut oil and milk. they are good for you only in small quantities. Tons of fat in there. recommend using coconut only for raw chutneys.

  4. Looks delicious,Yes as I agree with you,as an Indian and a vegetarian, Indian vegetarian food is the best.Salads are good,but they are pretty bland and eating food with spices is not only tasty but good for health.But would cut down on the ghee,it's high in cholesterol

  5. Yikes it’s very problematic for a white person to say “yeah there’s a lot of shit Indian restaurants because I say it’s shit, I know about all the different cuisines in India and if I don’t approve of it, it’s got to be shit”
    White people are honestly the worst…

  6. Hey there….am from India living in canada just wanna ask how you made that eggplant so soft and to be accurate how you made that so perfect in oven trying it from months but it didn't work …can you tell the exact timing and type of button i mean bake or broil or something..

  7. 3:50 Spinach dish
    1. Sauté coriander, cumin seeds, cracked cardamon and chili in oil, 30sek
    2. Brown onions and add salt
    3. Cook ginger garlic paste for 1min
    4. Add a bucket of spinach and bit of water, steam
    5. Add Garam Masala, optional, spicy!
    6. Add lentils/beans and cook 30-40min

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