New Criminal Penalties for Marijuana in Michigan

Barton Morris and Travis Copenhaver break down what to expect for criminal penalties after the passing of Proposition 1 in Michigan, allowing adults over the …


  1. This shit has been around for years. We don't need to be told how to use it by our government. They act like this is some new shit that just came out. The only people that need to learn are medical patients or old people who have never used it before.

  2. They really just need to educate people about , cheap indoor lighting so they don't burn there house down while there at work… Start campaign against texting an driving and smoking weed an driving And let it be..People need to know not to tell people that they grow became people will break in your house for it.people need to know to not have edibles around there kids or they may use them

  3. I don't trust Michigan's knowledge or ability to regulate cannabis. We do not need to regulate people in their homes conducting small businesses. The market will dictate what is allowed and acceptable. The slaves have asked their master for permission to do something they were told growing up they it would kill them. Now we're supposed to trust their judgment? Insanity

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