How and Why Marijuana Research is Biased toward Negative Effect

Carl Hart, Ph.D., is Chair of the Department of Psychology at Columbia University and Dirk Ziff Professor of Psychology in the departments of psychology and …


  1. I see Mr Hart referencing slides but the camera is focused in on the speaker. These slides would add value to the talk I find most will see as just words spoken very well. Thanks for speaking

  2. August the 10th 2018 I declare that I have founded Turkish Cannabinoids and Endocannabinoid System Research Society. It is the first and so far only society/foundation in Turkey. I wish all scientist from every corner of the world and from every discipline be it from medicine or from economy or anthropolgy etc will contribute to this new paradigma which is almost 5000 years old. Dr Erhan Yarar is ready for further contacts on this platform too.

  3. Cannabis is now being used to treat addictions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nancy Reagan who started the "just say no" campaign, was one of the bigger investors in the pharmaceutical industry!!!!! HMMMM!!!!

  4. Always comes down to money, the studies are bias because they want to produce an outcome that supports the opinions of the money people paying for the study

  5. When I waz 9 I got hookd on Phenobar. When I waz 10, I dranked a glas wine w/ couzinz, ten booze . I didn't  smoke  a doobbie until 20. Turnd out to be an  alcoholic. Cannabis help me stop drinking, 7 yrz sober . Some of  you might( cross  addiction, ok, what do think antidressantz r. Pot iz even safer than syc medz. Juzt  thnk about it!

  6. Cannabis is a schedule 1 substance and US research has been regulated by the DEA. Whom stands to loose millions of dollars in anti Cannabis budget money. If Cannabis is reduced to the same level as say Tylenol. Which by the way has killed and incapacitated thousands of people by destroying their livers.

  7. Perfect find. Thank you for this channel. I am devoting the rest of my life in first being a case study for use of medical cannabis to replace opiods, benzodiapenes and other medications that carry a host of negative side effects, (edit) and second to save my life of course. I personally have multiple conditions that have placed me on long term care with aforementioned medicine and am successfully tapering using cannabis.
    My hope is that I can develop a program that will help others like me find the right natural alternative, with less negative effect.

  8. {THIS is the email I sent my new doctor, who subscribed me pharma medication for depression/anxiety, to use instead of Cannabis, so I can go back to work without failing a drug test} – Doctor **, I can honestly say, thank you, I'm Cured… from seeking mental health relief – using prescription anti anxiety medications – (all these years, I wrongly blamed the medical community for letting me slip thru the cracks/ignoring my symptoms and not giving me depression/anxiety meds long ago). The side effects (that I had) from ingesting Citalopram Hydrobromide, were the WORST and has earned a spot at the top of my *Bad Life Experiences list (it's a very long list). I chilled with the cannabis, 10 days before my appointment with you, on September 25th (my hopeless self becomes more prevalent without cannabis), I continued my abstinence from cannabis for 10 more days so I could feel the affects of the medication. My body aches, had already returned before starting the meds… but the first thing to bother me after taking the pills, was the upset stomach (you warned me about that). Then came the headache!!!!! The headache NEVER STOPPED throughout the entire 10 days… not exactly like a migraine, my vision didn't turn into a kaleidoscope, but just as painful (before my employment ended, I've had many, many, many severe migraines) this headache focused mostly on the left side of my head/brain. I refused to allow myself to think this intense headache was due to the pills, mainly because I already had the fantasy in my mind, that finally I'll gain some confidence in myself to maybe socialize again with less of the anxiety and paranoia that happens to me without cannabis (maybe even pass a drug test). I found myself beginning to eat ibuprofen tablets like candy, and sleeping 12/16 hours a day (nothing worked to ease the pain). The scary part was how my thought process returned to anger and injustice and revenge (mostly towards my past life as an unappreciated employee), I again became consumed with wanting people to somehow pay for taking advantage of my kindness and loyalty…. yeah I was back in that sunken place of hate. I stopped taking the pills on Oct. 4th, and the headache began to subside, I resumed my cannabis intake on the 6th (which is how I'm able to write this email). Cannabis helps me to compartmentalize all the devastating thoughts in my head and think them thru in a logical manner. I don't know if I'll ever be what society considers to be normal, my world is different; I've worked the overnight shift for the majority of my working life and 2 years after my last night at work, I still sleep from 11am to 8pm, I can go days without using my voice to communicate, and it's becoming harder and harder to leave my house. I'm thinking – maybe I just need a good therapist (along with the cannabis that's helped me maintain a stable mindset for 40 years)

  9. the fda has recently removed lies from their webpage among others psychosis and pulmonary cancer and a document containing 25 lies was also withdrawn. this is due to the american quality of information act….

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