1. Hi Rod.
    Yep….as a Legal Firearms Owner in Canada, I am one of our nation's most law abiding citizens, thusly, considered guilty of crimes not committed.
    Simply because I have behaved as a concerned, law abiding citizen, never being arrested, I am now concidered a possible threat.

  2. Whats the best way to take over a country. Move in war harden immigrants. Let them live better then those in that country already. Let those new immigrants start changing our laws. Let them have seats in our government. Finally disarm the country. So it can not fight the next wave to come….. If the prime minister wants law-abiding citizens to hand over guns i say send him door to door and face those who rights of freedom he's planning to violate..

  3. We are in danger. We need to do something about this immediately. Trudeau is a criminal. A wolf in sheeps clothing. We arent sheep so why are we acting like it? A dangerous game is unfolding. I was telling people that for years he was trying to do this. But i was lying right?

  4. Its time that everyone purchases nothing from a muslim. You must not support them in anyway. Ignore everything about them and rat them out on anything they do. Only on muslims. From no signals, take their licence plates, to beating their wives. Rat out every muslim if you can prove illegal activity.

  5. Canada can and WILL declare Magna Carta. Giving every Canadian the legal right to rise up against the government and remove the PM from power by force.

  6. Sooooo if we ban guns and some one wants one all they need is a 3D printer or a home hardware a vpn and like 40$ so are the liberals educated or stupid cuz fuck this country ill get my red seal and peace out 💥

  7. Been a Canadian gun owner for 45 yrs. My guns have never grown little gun legs and did anything illegal, NEVER, but what about criminals, yea they don't care, and seams government doesn't want to tackle real gun issues! ?… Go get em Rod !!

  8. So that's why they just announced that if you haven't had a hunting license in over twenty years to apply and be put at the top of the list, just a coincidence that would be a good way to find out if people still had guns…

  9. I would expect a staged mass shooting after or right before it is announced to puss this because we haven’t had a huge mass shooting like new Zealand recently so he needs and excuse

  10. When the conservatives get in in October they will repeal it literally no point for him to do that conservatives are at 40% right now Liberals are at 20

  11. It's time for the people of this country to bring a class action law suit against the government for not allowing us to defend ourselves. The police have become some kind of rogue entity that harrasses and intimidates victims into dropping complaints, the thugs are laughing and we aren't even allowed to carry pepper spray.
    Canada's laws regarding weapons for self defense are way out of sync with the realities of our society.

  12. I wish i was not a canadian. We dont believe in anything. I wish i was an american who believes in freedom. If you look at any democracy in history, first they de-arm the population then they start killing people, every democracy in history has ended with everybody dying since the romans.

  13. Fucking liberals don’t get it how is banning guns from responsible people will increase safety???? Criminals will always have guns, fucking turd minister is an asshole he needs to be impeached.

  14. "Gun control is always a losing issue for the anti gun side."
    Let Kim Jong Un have his ICBMs in that case, Iran can stock up nukes, and let the DRC sell uranium to whomever they want. And you can't bitch at me if I'm holding a desert eagle at the beach. And highschool kids should be able to bring guns to school. for safety.

  15. Wow Canada is going way down hill , way to stand with your boot on the necks of your countrymen , taking away a mans way to hunt , fees and protect his family is a crime

  16. My opinion is if you lose your guns you lose your right to own shit. This is really about being softer on criminals. Law-abiding people own things and it's a way to keep what you own. Criminals care if you can't stop them from taking your shit. Some people still live 45 minutes from the nearest police station.

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