2017 Cornell Industrial Hemp Field Day, Ithaca, N.Y.

August 1, 2017 NYSIP Foundation Seed Barn, Ithaca, N.Y. Speakers: 00:12 How did Cornell become involved in hemp research and extension? — Summary of …


  1. For the love of God, will we ever move beyond the insane phobia that "someone might get high"? I can go right now to the store and literally drink myself to death on alcohol, and do all manner of evil along the way on an alcohol intoxication. I can go to a doctor with my various aches and pains and get prescribed all manner of concoctions that have all manner of bad side effects, and likely get it subsidized by taxpayers. Is there anyone wanting a THC high who can't find it now? What is prohibition accomplishing?…It makes it worth $, both in the supply side, and in the legal system should one get caught, that's what prohibition has done.
    Until citizens demand their right to grow what they want for their own needs and purposes the evil rich will continue to deny us the ability to provide for our own needs without the evil rich getting their cut. "The love of money is the root of all evil." Not everything has to have a $ sign attached to have legitimate value to individuals.

  2. This is painful to watch the poor quality of answers that the moderators are providing to participants. It seems that a prestigious institution such as Cornell University could employ more knowledgeable moderators.

  3. U can’t stand someone who is arrogant and laughs or smirks at someone’s question. Truth is these professionals are morons. The intern who took months of notes. Had no real intel. What a waste. Just because your shirt says Cornell. Do t mean shit. Check your attitude lady’s!!!

  4. Is the species you raised similar or different from the species known as Manila Hemp or "abaka"? Is your species used for Hempcrete? Can the Manila Hemp species be used for HempCrete?

  5. Hello, I am about to start business with the hemp, in Mexico is about to legalize all its uses and I am looking for a partner to get the machinery and advice in the transformation of hemp into usable fibers and I also have a friend who has a building company and we want to make hempcrete to make block. in the next days cannabis will be legal in all the country .If someone is interested, please contact me here, Im Luis . thanks and cordial greetings from Mexico City .

  6. I am against Hemp, it attracts pests like Liberals, Democrats and Dirty Stinking Hippies! We need Monsanto to sell the government on a nationwide spraying program to eradicate Hemp and the Liberals, Democrats and Dirty Stinking Hippies! Go Trump!

  7. As I watch this vid, and am in the middle of doing my own research about growing hemp, I see that every state does their own tests / trials / research / etc. I am curious why? The rest of the world is growing this and we are sending our money out of our country to buy these hemp products, when we should be going full bore and providing all resources to our own farmer to be producing and exporting to the rest of the world. This is shameful as I see it. It makes me think that big oil and big pharma has had something to do with the suppression of this over the years/decades…

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  9. Awesome that this is going on. Don't call it Marijuana, hemp. Or cannibus ruderalis. This is not new however. Our first president grew this stuff, it was the law. They new how important it was, is, and will be. The rich and greedy destroyed the hope of its use for far too long. Good luck Cornell University

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