1933 INDUSTRIES announced second quarter earnings but did we miss something. Was this an April Fools Joke? Do you love or hate MedMen? Make Money …


  1. Hey Dee, thanks for very informative post. I bought the Marijuana Today….Tomorrow book. I am particularly interested in in Vanadium,Uranium or combo and I chose a particular company. I don't want to disclose the name for readers but it is the 2nd item in vanadium uranium combo table in page 21. Do you think it is a good pick? ticker symbol is wrong though but that is a printing mistake I guess. Thanks again Dee you are the best.

  2. DPWW seems to be on the move again (much like BTC) and last time it got to 35 cents with no problem…plus they have had dispensaries for years unlike TGIFF who probably do sell bud but have no legal dispensary.

  3. looks like premarket is not good..ah boy .manement might be using money to loose. waiting ..im in at 54 cents ,i might jump ship. its opening at 50 cents ..wdf ..why is someone willing to go down 10 cents from ..dammm

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