Is Refined Sugar Bad For Your Health?

All forms of refined sugar even organic sugar is a bad poison for your health. It is devoid of nutrients and hard to digest which robs your body of nutrients.


  1. I realize that sugar is bad and poisonous but it seems to be really easy to digest because sucrose is the only sugar I can tolerate. Other ones like fructose, lactose, maltose cause a reaction in my. And after complex carbs like in grains or potatoes I just wanna die😁
    I relate it to pancreas or liver damage

  2. What about the sugar in cured meats? (I just came from that video). I noticed a comment there that you mentioned the ingredients in the cured meat you had, which included 'sugars.' Most do include it and it's very hard to find it without. Not impossible but it def. limits the sources.

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