Does Cannabis Help With Cancer? Can Cannabis Cure Cancer – Part 1

Does Cannabis Help With Cancer? Can Cannabis Cure Cancer – Part 1 Cannabis or Marijuana as it’s also known has been said to cure cancer, help shrink tumors and aid in pallative care but is…


  1. I've worked in the hospice for years we have over 365 deaths per year. Cannabis has never cured cancer in any of our cancer patients and that is comprised of 99% of our patients.

  2. I’m a cancer patient that has legally obtained access to cannabis.
    It has been effective. I have never used it for pain. That said, I’ve found it’s helped me in my journey from end stage cancers (bone, sacrum, hips, breast and sternum, and skin ) No chemo, no radiation. I rub cannabis tincture directly on my breasts. I used it under the tongue. My doctors said it was shown to “eat” or “shrink” cancer cells…I ca t recall which he said.

  3. Smh, been a real shame to watch cancer destroy this man. He was and is sadly misinformed about the role of fatty acid neurotransmitters AKA cannabinoids in the human endocannabinoid system, or the rather large body of legitimate peer reviewed and published work on the medical benefits of cannabis ( Like Salk Institute's recent discovery about the body using THC to fight Alzheimer's by removing the deposits that cause the condition ). No doubt he was fed a steady diet of lies and poison by his doctors, and I can only hope that others take heed and do their due diligence when it comes to looking up the facts on cannabinoids

  4. My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer and given 3 months to live at 38, November 27, 2014. His tumors were to numerous and to large for conventional treatments, he had tumors from his rectum to his esophagus. We live in area where there is a cancer center and he was put on a experimental treatment. After one month it stopped the growth but did not shrink them. We knew if we didn’t do something we were going to lose him and the research began. That’s when we learned about RSO. It couldn’t hurt to try so we had it made for him, we live in a state where it’s easy to get and make for yourself. He began eating it and it was highly concentrated and looks like tar. We put a rice sized amount on a cracker that was the easiest way for him to take it because honestly it’s nasty. The first week his tumors shrunk 5%. I don’t recommend dropping treatment that should never be done but if it works in your tumors use it with your treatments. Every week after he began the RSO he shrunk 3 to 5 % and August 27, 2015 he was tumor free. But I’m not done.
    November 27, 2015 our 35 year old sister had a hemorrhagic stroke caused by a cancer tumor in her brain we didn’t know she had. She did survive the stroke and should not have it was massive, the tumor caused a vessel to burst and there was so much bleeding it pushed the entire right side of her brain into the left side and bent her brain stem. We were told she would not survive and we should consider taking her off life support, they said if she ever woke up at best she would only be able to blink but we refused to believe that. She woke up 2 weeks late and she could not only speak but she could walk, take care of her own needs and for she went through it didn’t show much. She did have left side damage but it wasn’t complete paralysis. Her tumor was not tested, they didn’t expect her to live. She was put on RSO as well. Her cancer was an unknown cause though. She ended up having five tumor removals and her oncologist didn’t test any of them and with each one she became weaker and weaker. She went through two rounds of brain radiation and had the right side of her skull removed. By July her neurosurgeon had saved her life 5 times. This was the last time and he sent the tumor in for testing not her oncologist. She had germ cell cancer, it’s a rare gonadal cancer and it has a high survival rate with zero chance of reoccurring if it’s treated properly, for her it wasn’t and it was to late to go backwards. She was sent home August 25, 2016 with one to two months and she passed August 27, 2016, 2 days was what she had. For her the RSO did not work and we believe it’s because it has to be direct contact with the tumors. My brother ate it and it passed through his digestive tract and was in direct contact with the tumors. My sister tumors her in her brain and they didn’t turn into cancer until they reached her brain, it wasn’t going to work for her.
    Anyone who says to only use alternative medicine is foolish do not do that. We have cancer treatments that absolutely save lives and if there is something you can do to help yourself along with it go for it but do not stop seeing your doctors. I say this knowing my sister was failed by hers but my brother was saved by his. It does work for some cancers but not all. They were diagnosed the same day one year apart and their battles ended the same day one year apart. My brother lives with a lot of survivors remorse, he beat a cancer her shouldn’t have and she lost a battle she should’ve won. I would’ve died with them had I lost them both, I’m still grieving my sisters loss as if it happened today. We are all we had and losing one of us has taken a huge toll on our family but I know I could’ve lost them both and so I’m grateful I didn’t. Because he had no chemo, no radiation and no surgery when it comes back and it will he has a better chance at beating it again. Those options are still available to him and now he is watched closely so when it does come back it will be caught before it gets to the point it was last time.
    I’m rooting for you to beat this, people beat cancers they didn’t think were possible to beat. My aunts best friend beat pancreatic cancer and she should not have. So don’t ever give up.

  5. I know of someone who actually got rid of their cancer completely by using Cannabis Oil. It made them feel horrible, puke ALOT, and puke up so much disgusting black tar looking stuff, but it worked for them. Doctors refused to treat them after he got rid of his cancer.

  6. F-f-f-false. Cannabisin B (derived from hemp oil) induces autophagic cell death in HepG2 human (yes, as in Homo sapien) hepatoblastoma cells. I've got a 642 page book full of studies on the things cannabis treats right in front of me. It sites 43 studies on cancer. If the point of this video is to persuade people not to stop conventional treatment, then I agree. But don't do it by spreading misinformation.

  7. I'm not convinced at all…. there are a handful of people who claim it's cured them, HOWEVER that's about the same amount of people who experience spontaneous remission. Thing is they DONT write the 10000s of people who it didn't work for.
    I absolutely believe cbd oil is good for your health, pain, seizures and anxiety. I love that you've told the truth !!

  8. Please check Richard Simpson’s Oil, now he moved to the UK, after he was making oil, he believes THC kills cancer, it saved his life.. his book the 75.00 one is the recipe, he was making it and giving to 🇨🇦🤔😳😍😍😍 w cancer, he got raided, they moved to uk.. his info is great.. the biggest issue I have had, is no one wants to say THC kills cancer or cbdoil via hemp kills cancer because billions is at stake. It took me about 4 years to get diagnosed, then I’m one a fnnn million my ENT said.. I’ve been a Ginnypig .. Ricks theories, that oil should be put where the cancer is, if it’s stomach, u eat cbdoil w THC. Or cbdoil from hemp, totally different. If it’s like in 🧠 I eat ar 11am, then I can sleep threw the high part, I mean u can smoke cbd but, if your treating hard core cancers, take oil to source.. when r health care going to realize it saves lives, a grain of rice size cbd can stop seizures.. I had no choice, if my tumor comes I will radiate as then it will kill all sound in my acoustic nerve. It all started w a bee sting..

  9. I’m on 160mg of morphine per day for pain (not cancer) I’ve often wondered if cannabis would help me, but I don’t have a clue how / where to buy it from ? I’m housebound so I have to rely on the internet for all of my shopping needs.
    Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

  10. When you made this video there had been tons of research done on said subject. Dr, Sonjay Gupta went over the studies in his special on t.v. Google it, my friend. I happen to know right now you're very, very sick, please, look into it, it may help you right now.

  11. Times have changed. I am on a medication called Syndros. It's a synthetic form of weed… My oncologist and team as well as my pain doctors all decided to start this because cases have shown it does help not only fight cancer but also helps with pain and nausea.. I know this is an older post, but if you happen to see this and they haven't tried it yet, and if you can get it in the UK… I would say, give it a try.. Not saying it will cure cancer but it hopfully can help..

  12. Yes there has my friend… and human trials. The use of full spectrum cannabinoids is now proven to be an affective anti tumour agent by some great minds in Spain, Madrid, that's where the latest cancer research is! I cant forget Israel! Get yourself to the Conference in London on the 22nd May and please listen to Cristina Sanchez & Dr Guzman and their 15 years of research and findings.

  13. Did you watch the lady on "this morning" she had 6 weeks to live after ovarian cancer spread to her bowel and stomach. Cannibis oil cleared the bowel tumours completely away and she has just a little left in her stomach. It's very interesting 😁

  14. 🤔 I agree. I have loved ones who take it for pain and anxiety relief. However, if they get caught, they'll be spending their time in jail. ☹ This State is rough. Especially if your not part of the majority. 🤷‍♀️

  15. While Cannabis isn't a cure, I'm intrigued by the other "Benefits." They're getting ready to make it legal here in Kentucky (USA). While there is no way I'm smoking anything again, I will try it for my chronic pain. If I can get off the Gabapentin and Flexeril, I'll do it!!!
    I'll try the gummy's or something similar.

  16. I'm glad you are doing a video on cannabis. I haven't watched it yet, but I think it helps with nausea and pain. I know it helps as a friend of mine with lung cancer uses it. I used it myself when I had major surgery on a broken femur. It is legal in many states now; unfortunately it is not legal at all in the state of Mississippi. It does help with appetite as well. I used it for years recreationally and "the munchies" are real.

  17. I used CBD oil only (no thc) during treatment for cervical cancer. The cbd helped with pain and side effects from chemo but did not treat the cancer itself. I chose not to use thc because I suffer a lot with anxiety and was already extremely anxious through chemo etc. But cbd helped ease some symptoms

  18. I hope this comment doesn’t bother you but I’ve been watching your videos after seeing you post on So Fia’s update and worried a lot when I saw the comments about cannabis oil. The rest of this comment is mostly for others considering this as treatment but I wanted to say I know you don’t want people feeling sorry for you but your updates are definitely punching me in the gut. I seriously hate this disease more than anything that has ever existed and I’m hoping for the best results and as many pain free days as possible for you❤️

    I have extensively researched this subject as someone who enjoys recreational cannabis, someone who is going to school to be a cancer researcher, and someone who lost my mum to cancer. I wish that cannabis oil was a viable solution. Her BEST friend at the time for 20 years spent a lot of time making her cannabis oil and she tried it along with chemo, but stopped the oil soon after as it made her feel sick. As a result her friend cut off contact with her because she TRULY believed my mum was killing herself. You are 100% right in this video. Very good for palliative reasons but not for a cure.

    I hope this comment reaches someone who might be considering stopping conventional treatment for cannabis oil. The comments that people post recommending it can be VERY convincing but there are SO many reasons why the wild claims about the medical field and alternative medicine simply CANNOT be true. I’ve never heard it said better than this, ‘alternative medicine that works can no longer be considered alternative’.

    There has only been one human study I could find for the use of actual cannabis oil for cancer treatment, and it was injected right into the tumour, NOT ingested in the way Rick Simpson claims is the most effective. He himself applied the oil topically to his skin cancer, which was basal cell carcinoma. This is THE easiest form of cancer to treat and is less than 1% fatal. Without human studies to prove his claims, they are no good because there are just as many anecdotal claims to the OPPOSITE of what he says.

    So going back to the single human study. Part of my degree includes a pharmacology class where you learn about just how EXTENSIVE AND EXPENSIVE it is in the medical world to run all of the studies needed for all the new drugs being developed. This means that whenever new treatments are discovered, found to be safe, and then brought to human trials, they are ABANDONED as soon as they are shown to be less effective than the current treatment protocol for that specific condition. These studies are clinical trials, meaning it would actually be UNETHICAL to continue to use an ineffective treatment longer than absolutely necessary for the study to get results to publish and justify continuing or abandoning said treatment. These things are so closely monitored by so many people and groups that there isn’t really a way to get around publishing results, good or bad. But you honestly need a statistics degree to even INTERPRET half of the studies. Even if you THINK you understand them. Even after 4 years of school I’m never 100% on anything, that’s why peer reviewing is REQUIRED even when you are a doctor or TEACH medicine.

    So back to the cannabis oil. There is a reason why only one study was conducted in humans. It was just not as effective as the current conventional treatment. THAT is why it isn’t promoted in the medical industry. It would be unethical for doctors to recommend an ineffective treatment when there are effective ones available for most cancers. And by effective I don’t necessarily mean curative unfortunately. My mom had pancreatic cancer and survived for nearly two years after diagnosis. That is absolutely NOT common for metastatic pancan, and I still to this day consider her treatment a success. Her own father refused treatment and only survived 2-3 months! Obviously this is anecdotal evidence but it 100% aligns with the medical research and is an interesting case study for a REALLY aggressive cancer.

    Cancer is not one disease. It is closer to a grouping of diseases such as bacterial infections or autoimmune conditions. The reason there are so many different cancer treatments is pretty much the same reason there are so many different types of antibiotics. Not every bacteria is going to respond to the same kind. Sometimes one treatment can aggressively treat one condition and be completely ineffective for another. The very mechanism of cancer that makes each one different makes it impossible to have one drug that works for every single type of cancer.

    The thing that frustrates me about these comments is that you can’t REALLY tell which people are truly well intentioned and scared of the medical industry and those who are scammers. To all of those who are scared, please take the time to think about how it would be logistically IMPOSSIBLE for there to be a secretly held cancer treatment in order to make money off patients. This scenario might make sense in the United States but not at all in Canada or the UK where treatment is entirely paid for by the government and taxes. We don’t have a population control problem in Canada that would make it necessary for the government to waste tax dollars on ‘keeping people sick’ or ‘killing them off for population control’. Many of these drugs and treatments are also used for other diseases such as lupus, and I have yet to hear people claim that people with lupus are being scammed or poisoned by the chemo they get. Not to mention the fact that there have been so many leaks of classified information but NEVER any credible leaks of the ‘secret cancer cure’.

    Sorry again for this complete novel but if this can help anyone decide to stick with conventional treatment, whether you get a second opinion from another REAL doctor or stay on your current path, then that’s all I really care about. The 20 months and an extra Christmas and birthday I got with my mum when I was expecting less than 6 was an absolute miracle and when a cure isn’t possible, it doesn’t mean it’s all over. Every single day people who CARE are working hard to try to make sure this doesn’t happen for anyone else some day, and to make it easier for you today❤️

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  20. Hi PWT we started mum on CO on the 7th of Dec 2017 1 day after NSCLC diagnosis. She can sleep for 9-10 hours a night which is amazing as she was getting 4 hours of broken sleep before we started it. Mum started chemo and radiotherapy yesterday so we wouldn't be able to report what we find as solely cannabis based evidence but I'll post any interesting/significant updates. I did a lot of research and alkaline diet/ alkaline water (Saka has highest ph and is ozonated), whole food plant based or keto diet and CO seem to be the hot alternative treatments. Have you heard of the Greek test? It test you against different chemo therapies and natural compounds to see if you could be receptive to them…could be an option.

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